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Gerry Dignan has been moving audiences with his heartful, spirit-filled voice for many years. His passion for songs and musical expression from around the world have deeply influenced his musical character, vision and form. He has been referred to as a mix of John Denver, Andrea Bocelli, Kenny Loggins and Francis of Assisi.

The greatest joy he receives from singing is bringing people to their own deep sense of the Source of Life. He believes that songs serve as a bridge between the everyday lives we live and the Source that gives us life every day. When we connect with that deep Center, we connect with compassion and joy, peace and hope and the world holds more promise and enchantment for us all.

Gerry is dedicated to both personal and community transformation through song. He sees singing as a force for the re-enchantment of our world, bringing back to children of all ages, the sense of wonder and mystery before the Gift of Life that we are given the opportunity to spend each day of our lives unwrapping.

Gerry is featured as “Uncle Gerry” with the internationally recognized family music program, Music Together, which is based in Princeton, NJ.

Gerry has worked and recorded with Grammy nominated cellist, David Darling, and has contributed to the work of the Music for People organization (David Darling, Co-founder) which is dedicated to Self-Expression through Improvisational Music.

Gerry was also a seven-year member of the world renowned Chicago Symphony Chorus and traveled with the chorus and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to perform at the Concerthalle in Berlin, Germany, as well as in New York City at Carnegie Hall.

He has worked extensively at seminars, conferences and retreats, providing musical experiences internationally in song and dance, as a part of the work of deepening spiritual life, facilitating personal growth and strengthening community life. He and Denise’s work includes work in the United Nations, Jean Houston Social Artistry Seminars, Music Together Conferences, Music for People’s Art of Improvisation Seminars, concerts and presentations in spiritual communities from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast and both Ireland and Scotland.

Gerry and his wife, Denise, facilitate a Healing Song group twice a month at Cornerstone Church in Oak Park, IL.

Gerry's love for his own family heritage also runs deep as he is an avid aficionado and performer of traditional Irish songs.

He has had the great joy of being a member of the vibrant Holy Family community and soloist for the renowned Holy Family Gospel Choir, under the direction of Professor Samuel Parker, since 1983.

Gerry released his debut CD in 2004 “Harvest of Life – Songs of Hope & Celebration” and in 2006 his CD “Heart's Desire.”His CDs can be purchased by contacting Gerry and Denise at :

You can also visit his page on CD Baby and buy the recordings there. Also available on iTunes.


The Mystic Path in Song