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Welcome to the website of Gerry Dignan
See and hear Gerry in Ireland.

My family heritage is Irish. I have had a love for traditional Irish folklore and songs, music and dance all my life.

I enjoy bringing Irish songs and ceili dances to wherever lovers of the Irish spirit and the Celtic soul assemble – parties, family gatherings, retirements, weddings, memorial services, etc.

Recently, I’ve been singing Irish songs at wedding receptions -- during cocktail hour while guests gather to celebrate – quite a festive way to begin the celebration!

Annual Night of Irish Stories & Songs
Each year since 2006, around St. Paddy’s Day, I’ve held a fun evening of Irish stories and songs. Back in the mid-70’s, my Great Aunt Ellen Quinn and cousins, Joe, John, Martin, and Michael Quinn, and other relatives & friends from the west of Ireland, told me stories in their kitchens and passed along the old Irish folklore and beliefs, superstitions and ways of life before the arrival of the modern era to their fields, bogs and cottages. I promised Aunt Ellen I would tell the stories of old Ireland in America and so each year, I do just that. Along with the stories, we sing songs that make you laugh and cry when you remember your own family characters, mishaps, sorrows, and celebrations. The event is held in Orland Park, IL, usually on the Friday evening before St. Patrick’s Day. Call us for details: 815-439-3701 or email:


The Mystic Path in Song
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