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I Believe In Miracles

can't hear it?

I believe in miracles
I believe in miracles
I believe, I believe,
In miracles, in miracles.

1. I woke up again today
And I started on my way
The sun was shining on the land
All kinds of people joining hands.
Then I looked up at the sky
A thousand birds began to fly
In the beating of their wings
I heard my mother earth sing

2. Then I came upon a stream
The running water calling me
Current carried me away
And now I’ll never be the same
I saw a dying old man
He was reaching out his hand
I looked deep into eyes
And eternity came alive.

3. The moon was shining in the night
A cloud from heaven floated by
Flash of lightning filled the sky
Gave me the courage to live and the courage to die
I saw a little boy and girl
With radiant smiles for the world
They sang of beauty in all things
Their heartsong gave me wings

4. I looked out upon the earth
Precious place of my birth
In her presence I was small
And I wept at the wonder of it all
Where are we from? Where do we go?
How do we know when we are home?
Is there a chance? Could it be
We are held in a love forever and free?


1. I believe the waterfall
And I believe the whale’s call
I believe the unseen winds
And I believe the deep canyons

2. I believe the dark of night
And I believe the ray of light
I believe the mountain peaks
And I believe the winding creeks

3. I believe the summer breeze
And I believe the autumn trees
I believe the winter’s might
And I believe the Springtime burst of life.

4. I believe the drumming rain
And I believe the joy, the pain
I believe the river flow
And I believe the long ago.

5. I believe the silence
And I believe the voice within
I believe the infant’s coo
And I believe in me and I believe in you

6. I believe the break of day
And I believe the hands that pray
I believe in the changing tides of the sea
And I believe in a future yet to be!

Harvest of Life