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Harvest of Life

can't hear it?

1. We can fill the hunger of our souls,
Fill our empty hands and bowls,
Mend our hearts and make them whole
When we hold each other tenderly.

2. We can loose the grip of poverty
Break the chains of hostility
Melt our animosity
When I see you in me.

It’s a harvest of life
That we have been given
A true gift, indeed,
For us to fully live in.

3.There’s a way of peace for everyone
A place of peace come rain or sun
A pot of gold for everyone’s rainbow
When we have a change of heart

4. We can touch someone by reaching out
Make a way by stepping out
Change a fate by speaking out
And the world is never the same.


Cherish the world around you
The future is what we say and do
I stand in awe of what can be
With all my heart I do believe

5. We can love all of humanity
Honor each one’s dignity
Imagine possibilities
When we see the gift that is Life
And we celebrate this gift of Life.

Harvest of Life