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Explore a few of the many venues of Gerry Dignan as “troubadour for our times.” To find out more about musical possibilities for your personal milestone or a community event, please contact Gerry and Denise Dignan by calling 815-439-3701 or email:

Visit our Calendar of Events for upcoming opportunities to experience Gerry and Denise Dignan.

Mystic Path in SongMystic Path In Song – Concert/Retreat
The Mystic Path In Song has been a deeply moving experience for audiences from Chicago to Dublin. This presentation in word and song is based on the work of one of the great scholars of mysticism, Evelyn Underhill, and her teachings on the stages of the spiritual journey of the mystical saints. In the program, Gerry reflects on each stage and then sings songs associated with each part of the journey that take us deeper. Participants are invited to reflect on the inner journey of their own lives in light of the classic journey of spiritual formation of the great mystics throughout history. This program has been presented in venues throughout the Chicago area, and in summer 2008 several retreat centers and parishes in Ireland hosted The Mystic Path. [MORE]

Concerts/Community Sings/Folk Dancing & Movement
Community concerts are a universally uplifting event – a time to come together to once again affirm the goodness in life, to find hope and good cheer in our being together, to sing songs that lift the heart and soothe the soul. These interactive concerts let the music ring that comforts and renews and re-affirms our joy in life and in each other.

After the American Civil War, in order to help the nation heal from the deep wounding all Americans had suffered, huge community sing-alongs were organized. Communal Singing is transformative -- so profoundly important for our well-being! Let’s set up an event of this nature in your community for whatever your community is in need of – whether it be healing, unity, communal fellowship, laughter, or just a sharing of good will. The benefits to a community are deep and wide, the memory long-lasting.

Gerry loves to lead groups in folk dances from various parts of the world, not only because they are fun, but because the dances foster well-being and good will for one and all. They serve the sacred role of creating and sustaining a sense of community. When we add our prayerful depth and spiritual intention to the movements of the dances, they become deep expressions of our spirit and connection to our deeper life. Let’s set up such an event to celebrate the life of your community!

Workshop: Old-Time Gospel & Freedom Songs
Old-time gospel and freedom songs – like Deep River, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Angels Watchin’ Over Me, Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round – have always been a passion of his. These songs are easy for a congregation to sing and they express great depth of faith and hope in the face of struggle. They are old songs, but still continue to ring deeply true in the present and the harmonies never fail to lift us high!

Singing for Weddings
Marriage is a deep honoring of commitment to another person and to living life in partnership. Marriages of many different traditions, including those of no particular tradition, have been enhanced through the music Gerry has been given to share. His intention is to bring songs and music to your wedding ceremony that dip deeply into the wellspring of the love in all our hearts, that love which is celebrated once again on a wedding day.

Singing for Funerals
The time of saying good bye to a loved one is one of the times in our lives that our hearts are most deeply opened and in need of being tenderly cared for. Song is one of the most powerful and sustaining healing balms we have in life. Gerry is deeply grateful to offer song to others for comfort and healing and for celebration of a loved one’s life.

Healing Song Circle
Gerry, along with his wife Denise, lead the Healing Song Circle twice a month in Oak Park, IL. Together with participants, they share deep intention and presence along with soulful and heartful singing. They sing “real” songs as well as songs created organically in the moment. Part of the time is devoted to reflection on life teachings that come to all of us through many paths of truth. You are most welcome to join them. $10 offering requested.

Spiritual Pilgrimages to Other Lands
Gerry and Denise lead sacred journeys to other lands. In their travels all participants deepen the sacredness of their own life journeys by connecting with great seekers throughout history and holy places throughout our world. The world is our workshop for engaging in our most sacred craft -- our soul-making.

Retreats for Singers and…
Gerry and Denise lead days of reflection for singers and other groups who wish to spend time in reflection on their life purpose and direction, or who just want to spend some intentional time together. These times are tender and touching as well as enlightening and encouraging. And, of course, these are rich times for making music, all kinds of music!

The most profound of human experience is the most universal.

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