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What they’re saying about “Harvest of Life”

“…deep, joyful, sacred…what a journey!” Suzu Kawamoto, New York

“Man, you did it! I couldn’t wish anything more for you.”
Cellist David Darling, Music for People, Connecticut

“…very soothing and relaxing. Thank you for all that inspiration.”Fr. Tomás Herreros, South Africa

“I can feel the love and care in every song from everyone involved.” Martha Rogers, Maryland

“…I have lost count on how many times I have listened this past week…It says everything when one cannot get enough…” Sandy Griffin, Illinois

“I have listened to it over and over and over as its message soaks into my soul and wraps me like a warm comforter…Irresistible!”Jean Heuston, Washington

“Your music cracks my heart.” Paul Kelley, Connecticut

“We are lovestruck over the loving work of spirit music dancing our hearts here in Madison.” Karin Medall, Wisconsin

“Your voice is loving kindness.” Lynn Harvey, Illinois

“Oh, please do keep singing. I love the sounds of divine joy.”
Elaine Cirillo, New York

“The energy I felt from your music filled my heart and allowed my own creative work to flow...” Margaret Burk, Illlinois

“Lovely.” Joe Quinn, Ireland

“Gerry Dignan gives to us his ‘Harvest of Life’ and we are healed and wholed, one.” MaryAnn Rosberg, Illinois